Long distance taxi and private transfers from Paris to Golf Clubs and courses

Long-distance Taxi and Private Transfers to Golf Clubs, Courses and Accommodations in France and Belgium

What are our long-distance private transfers and taxi to the golf breaks?

  • We provide affordable long-distance private transportation services to the golf breaks, clubs, courses and accommodations near them in France and Belgium from Paris and suburbs, any airport or train station around Paris in both directions. 
  • We offer vehicles with big luggage trunk for your golf equipment: SW for 3 passengers and 5 golf bags and Vans for up to 8 passengers and about 12 suitcases or golf bags, trolleys or caddies.

The key point is that our professional English-speaking driver will pick you up at any address, airport, train station, around Paris and drive you to your Golf break and vice versa.

From where can we take you to your golf break?

Here you can pre-book a ride to any golf club or course from Paris and Paris region and vice versa.

We can pick you up at airports: Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Orly (ORY), Beauvais (BVA) and from any place 25 miles around Paris. If you need a pickup from any other place please contact us.

May I add stops and deviations to my route to/from the golf break?

When driving from Paris to a golf break there is a lot of beautiful places to see along the road in France or Belgium.

When booking a ride from point A to point B, you can adapt your itinerary as you wish by adding the deviations and stops and specifying the duration of each stop.

You can add up to 8 stops for sightseeing or for meetings along the way.

At the end of the booking process, you will see the all-inclusive price, that including all deviations from the itinerary for stops and waiting time at stops.

Of course, short stops for quick snacks and restrooms are for free and you don't have to specify them during the booking process.

What is the price for a long distance ride from/to the golf break?

  • The price is fixed and will not be affected by traffic, weather or time of day
  • Our price usually tend to be much cheaper than regular taxis
  • All taxes and fees, road and parking tolls are included in the prices that you see on our website
  • No luggage surcharge, you can take all that will fit in the luggage trunk.

For instance, the price for our private transfers and taxis from Paris center to Golf Barrière Hotel in Deauville is €324, the distance is 199 kilometers or 123 miles and the duration of the trip is about 2 hours 18 minutes.

You can see the precalculated prices for rides between different golf breaks and Paris in the table here. Or you can get an instant quote in our online instant quote and reservation form here.


Zoom on the map or enter the name of the city in the Search field and see the price and duration of the transfer from Paris center to your golf break, resort or course in France and Belgium.

Can I modify or cancel my booking?

Whether you made your reservation one day or one month before the pickup time, you can modify or cancel your booking.

  • Modifications are for free: time or date of the pick-up, addresses, route and stops, number of passengers.
  • If you change the departure or arrival address, it may increase or decrease the distance and therefore the final price.
  • Cancellation is for free if you cancel at least two hours before the start of the service if the pickup point is in the Paris region (62 miles around Paris).
  • If the departure point is out of the Paris region, the cancellation is for free if you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the service.

What types of vehicles can I book?

You can book a vehicle of any type, ex. for groups of up to 8 persons, we can arrange transfers by van:

- Sedan for 3 passengers,

- SW with big luggage trunk for 3 passengers,

- Van for up to 8 passengers and big luggage trunk.


First booking step

Pickup and drop-off

taxi from: address or airport + flight number; taxi to: address of your golf break or accommodation. Click on "See price" button.

Select a car

Select a car

see the price of available cars and select one.

Select a payment method

Select a payment...

cash or bank card to your driver, PayPal prepayment.

Booking confirmation email

Receive a confirmation

by email, with your driver's: name, phone number and picture.




Free waiting in airports and train stations for long distance taxi and private transfers


One hour free waiting if pick-up at the airport. In case of delay longer than one hour at passport control or baggage claim, simply call your driver and no surcharge will be applied.

Flat rate and fixed price for our long distance taxi and private transfers


You know an exact price based on your pick-up & drop-off locations. The price includes all taxes, road tolls, and parking charges. No hidden costs.

We offer three types of fares:

One way - our standard fare per km/mi.

Same day return - You will pay only one-way fare plus a waiting charge for every quarter of an hour, so your return trip is free.

Any other day return - multiply the one-way price by two. 

Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client


Your driver will meet you with a Greeting Sign with your name on it (or any inscription you'd like) in the airport or train station. He will also help you to handle the loading of your luggage.

Accepted payment methods for long distance taxi and private transfers, cash, paypal, credit card


All payment methods: Cash and Credit Card on the spot to your driver after the trip or PayPal and Credit Card online prepaymentBank transfer for travel agencies and other professionals of the travel business.



Volkswagen Passat CC


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Passat SW B8


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Volkswagen Caravelle Van


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Bus - Coach Sprinter for long distance transfers

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Max passengers and luggage for this car


There are about 79 golf breaks in France and Belgium.

In the table below you will find prices for the private transfers and taxi from Paris center to golf breaks, clubs and courses in France and Belgium.

Our prices are the same in both directions and remain the same day and night on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Travel time and price that you see in the table below are indicated for the distance from the Paris city center to the golf break, for this reason, the price you will see in the booking form during the booking process may differ slightly up or down, depending on which part of the city the pick-up and drop-off  points are located. Pickup can also be in any airport around Paris or in the Paris suburbs you can also indicate in the booking form the address of your accommodation near the golf club or course where you will play. 

If pickup is out of the Paris region (25 miles or 40 kilometers around Paris), in some cases we can ask you for a  partial or full prepayment, for instance if it is your first booking with us.

If you don't see the needed departure or destination point in the table, you can compute the price of the private transfer using our instant quotation and booking form or write us via our contact form.

Taxi and transfers to Le Boat bases in France

Golf breaks around Paris and in north of France

Taxi and transfers to Le Boat bases in Belgium

Golf breaks in Belgium

  • Paris - Le Golf National ~ €126 [time 44min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Rochefort & Country Club ~ €123 [time 47min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf des Yvelines ~ €133 [time 56min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Vineuil Saint Firmin ~ €147 [time 1hr 01min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de la Forêt de Chantilly ~ €147 [time 1hr 00min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Chantilly ~ €130 [time 1hr 02min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Apremont ~ €139 [time 1hr 00min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Fontainebleau ~ €163 [time 55min] Book Now
  • Paris - Domaine de Vaugouard Château & Golf ~ €210 [time 1hr 21min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Resort Mercure Orléans Portes de Sologne ~ €242 [time 1hr 34min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf du Château des Sept Tours ~ €440 [time 2hr 42min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Dunkerque ~ €487 [time 3hr 06min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Wimereux - Côte d'Opale ~ €459 [time 2hr 51min] Book Now
  • Paris - Aa Saint Omer Hotel du Golf & Golf Club ~ €445 [time 2hr 51min] Book Now
  • Paris - Le Touquet Golf Resort ~ €409 [time 2hr 37min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf des Pins ~ €429 [time 2hr 42min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golfs d'Hardelot Les Pins ~ €428 [time 2hr 41min] Book Now
  • Paris - Club-house du Golf des Dunes ~ €427 [time 2hr 40min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Nampont Saint-Martin ~ €365 [time 2hr 21min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Belle Dune ~ €380 [time 2hr 30min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Bondues ~ €395 [time 2hr 31min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Le Vert Parc ~ €372 [time 2hr 22min] Book Now
  • Paris - Mérignies Golf et Country Club ~ €369 [time 2hr 22min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Arras ~ €334 [time 2hr 08min] Book Now
  • See on map >>
  • Paris - Royal Zoute Golf Club ~ €535 [time 3hrs 27min] Book Now
  • Paris - Damme Golf & Country Club ~ €513 [time 3hrs 25min] Book Now
  • Paris - Royal Golf Club Ostende ~ €522 [time 3hrs 21min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Club Oostburg ~ €548 [time 3hrs 31min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf du Château de la Bawette ~ €531 [time 3hrs 19min] Book Now
  • Paris - Royal Bercuit Golf Club ~ €537 [time 3hrs 23min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de l'Empereur ~ €491 [time 3hrs 03min] Book Now
  • Paris - Royal Waterloo Golf Club ~ €503 [time 3hrs 11min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Château de la Tournette ~ €476 [time 2hrs 55min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Sept Fontaines ~ €499 [time 3hrs 11min] Book Now
  • See on map >>

Taxi and transfers to Le Boat bases in France

Golf breaks in Normandy and Brittany

Taxi and transfers to Le Boat bases in France

Golf breaks in south of France

  • Paris - Golf de Dieppe Pourville ~ €319 [time 2hrs 23min] Book Now
  • Paris - Saint-Saens Golf Hotel ~ €273 [time 2hrs 10min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Étretat ~ €336 [time 2hrs 38min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf du Champ de Bataille ~ €210 [time 1hr 53min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien ~ €314 [time 2hrs 12min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Barrière de Deauville Hotel & golf course ~ €324 [time 2hrs 18min] Book Now
  • Paris - Amirauté Golf ~ €318 [time 2hrs 14min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Barrière de Saint-Julien ~ €309 [time 2hrs 10min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Omaha Beach & Hotel Mercure ~ €450 [time 3hrs 04min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Club de Granville ~ €558 [time 3hrs 44min] Book Now
  • Paris - Les Ormes, Domaine & Resort ~ €634 [time 3hrs 49min] Book Now
  • Paris - Saint-Malo Golf Resort ~ €648 [time 3hrs 52min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Dinard ~ €685 [time 4hrs 09min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Club des Sables d'Or ~ €728 [time 4hrs 32min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Bluegreen Pleneuf-Val-André ~ €744 [time 4hrs 23min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Bluegreen Ploemeur Océan ~ €854 [time 5hrs 04min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Bluegreen Saint-Laurent ~ €812 [time 4hrs 47min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Bluegreen Baden ~ €792 [time 4hrs 42min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf & Hotel de la Bretesche ~ €724 [time 4hrs 07min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf International & Hotel Barrière La Baule ~ €754 [time 4hrs 19min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Bluegreen Pornic ~ €728 [time 4hrs 19min] Book Now
  • See on map >>
  • Paris - Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly ~ €476 [time 2hrs 45min] Book Now
  • Paris - Evian Resort Golf Club ~ €996 [time 5hrs 50min] Book Now
  • Paris - Souillac Golf & Country Club ~ €848 [time 5hrs 03min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Resort Chateau des Vigiers ~ €1,023 [time 6hrs 05min] Book Now
  • Paris - Grand Saint Emillionnais Golf Club ~ €995 [time 6hrs 01min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf du Medoc Hotel & Spa ~ €995 [time 5hrs 45min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Moliets ~ €1,217 [time 7hrs 06min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Seignosse ~ €1,251 [time 7hrs 17min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Hossegor ~ €1,250 [time 7hrs 10min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Biarritz le Phare ~ €1,297 [time 7hrs 27min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf d'Arcangues ~ €1,288 [time 7hrs 26min] Book Now
  • Paris - Palmyra Golf Hotel & Golf du Cap d'Agde ~ €1,260 [time 7hrs 23min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf International de Pont Royal ~ €1,210 [time 6hrs 50min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Dolce Frégate Provence ~ €1,366 [time 7hrs 45min] Book Now
  • Paris - Hôtel Mercure Brignoles & Golf de Barbaroux ~ €1,371 [time 7hrs 43min] Book Now
  • Paris - Les Domaines de Saint Endréol Golf & Spa Resort ~ €1,439 [time 8hrs 07min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf & Hotel Chateau De Taulane ~ €1,528 [time 8hrs 58min] Book Now
  • Paris - Terre Blanche Hôtel Spa Golf Resort ~ €1,486 [time 8hrs 31min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Club Valescure ~ €1,469 [time 8hrs 18min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de la Grande Bastide ~ €1,523 [time 8hrs 38min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Opio Valbonne ~ €1,522 [time 8hrs 37min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf de Saint Donat ~ €1,518 [time 8hrs 33min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Cannes-Mougins ~ €1,511 [time 8hrs 26min] Book Now
  • Paris - Royal Mougins Golf Resort ~ €1,506 [time 8hrs 32min] Book Now
  • Paris - Golf Old Course Cannes Mandelieu ~ €1,495 [time 8hrs 23min] Book Now
  • See on map >>


#1 Golf de Saint-Marc and Le golf National

Golf course de Saint-Marc is situated in the village Jouy-en-Josas.
The distance from Paris center to golf course  is 28 km or 17 miles. Transfer duration is about 45 minutes. 

Le Golf National in Guyancourt is 35 kilometers (21 miles) from Paris center.

Below you can see photos that we made during one of our private transfers to golf courses:


Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client

If pickup is at the airport or train station your driver will be waiting for you with a greeting sign.

At the airport: your driver will meet you in the arrival hall, just in front of the exit from the luggage claim area.

At the train station: your driver will be waiting for you at the head end of your train near the locomotive.

You will recognize your driver by a sign with your name. In the confirmation e-mail, we will let you know your driver's name and phone number, so you can contact your driver in case of any unforeseen circumstances like loss of luggage, etc. Anyway, your driver will wait for you one hour, since the arrival of your flight, if you linger for some reason, slow passport control or luggage claim, just call or send an SMS to your driver letting him know that you've arrived and waiting for baggage or going through passport control and no surcharge for additional waiting will not be applied. Your driver will then help you with your suitcases and escort you to your vehicle ready for your journey.


Long distance taxi booking form add stops

Deviations and stops for sightseeing on the way to your golf break

Make the most of your travel time in Europe.
On the way from one city to another, you can visit places that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

Use our instant quotation and booking form to add and visualize stops on your itinerary. Or write to us by the contact form and we will calculate the itinerary for you.

You can add up to 8 stops. All added stops will be visualized on the map, as well as the total distance and total duration of your trip, taking into account the duration of the stops.

Three easy steps to add one stop:

1. click on the button "Add stops"

2. enter the address of your stop

3. specify the waiting time at stop



Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed?

No, we will track your plane's progress when it is in the air and send your vehicle just in time.

If my flight/train delay is more than one hour?

We know that sometimes it could happen. If before your flight departure you see that the estimated arrival time of your flight is more than one hour, let us know as soon as possible, by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Depending on whether we have available cars: we can postpone, move the beginning of our services to the later time or just cancel them without any fine.

Extra charges and Tolls

Any taxes, bridge or road tolls, park tolls are included in the instant online quotes that you see on our website. Except for trips from/to Great Britain (UK). In the case of the UK, the cost of the Eurotunnel ticket is not included in the price you see in our instant quotation and booking form.

Cancellation Policy

If pickup is inside the Paris region (62 miles around Paris) we accept cancellation if you make it 2 hours before the start of the transfer. If pickup is outside the Paris region (62 miles around Paris) we will accept any cancellation without a fine if you make it at least 24 hours before the pickup. The fine is rated 100% in case of a No-show. The cancellation must be made by e-mail or by phone if the transfer is about to start.

Can I book a transfer now and make changes or add a stop later?

You can ask for a change via email. If the service is to start in a short time you can do it by phone. You can make changes in your itinerary free of charge, but keep in mind that the recalculation of the itinerary (re-routing) may increase or decrease the distance and accordingly increase or decrease the price.

Car Type

If you book an Economy class car, we reserve the right of providing a similar or an upgraded car type if your chosen vehicle is unavailable.

When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a welcome e-mail containing your login and password on your first booking with us. At all, you will receive three e-mails.

- First: automatic e-mail confirming that our system recorded your booking.

- Second: e-mail from our manager, confirming that we accept your booking.

- Third: when the journey has been assigned to a driver, this e-mail will contain the phone number, name and picture of your driver.

What happens if I haven’t received confirmation and my service is to start in a short time?

First, check your spam folder, if a confirmation email is not there, please call +33 6 98 27 20 02 and we will deal with your booking as quickly as possible.