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Long-distance taxi and private transfers
to Brussels from any city in France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland

What are our long-distance taxi and private transfers from/to Brussels?

Regarding Brussels, we provide:

  • International private transportation services to Brussels from cities in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland in both directions.

The key point is that our professional English-speaking driver will pick you up at any address, airport, train station, or seaport in France or other EU country and drive you to Brussels and vice versa.

From where can we take you to Brussels?

Here you can order a long-distance taxi and private transfer to Brussels from any city, town or village of France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and vice versa.

For instance we operate an on-demand long-distance taxi and private transfers to Brussels from the European cities like Paris, Lausanne, Geneva, Rome, Madrid…  in both directions.

May I add stops and deviations to my route to Brussels?

When booking a ride from point A to point B, you can adapt your itinerary as you wish by adding the deviations and stops and specifying the duration of each stop.

You can add up to 8 stops for sightseeing along the way.

At the end of the booking process, you will see the all-inclusive price, that including all deviations from the itinerary for stops and waiting time at stops.

Of course, short stops for quick snacks and restrooms are for free and you don't have to specify them during the booking process.

What is the price for long distance taxi from/to Brussels?

  • The price is fixed and will not be affected by traffic, weather or time of day
  • Our price usually tend to be much cheaper than regular taxis
  • All taxes and fees, road and parking tolls are included in the prices that you see on our website
  • Booster seats and child seats are for free.

For instance the price for our taxi from Paris center to Brussels center is €463, the distance is 315 kilometers or 195 miles and duration of the trip is about 3hrs 30 min.

You can see the precalculated prices for rides between Brussels and major European cities in the table here. Or you can get an instant quote in our online instant quote and reservation form here.


Our area of operation in France and neighbouring countries. EU and non-EU Schengen countries. Learn more about Schengen area

Can I modify or cancel my booking?

  • Changes are for free: time or date of the pick-up, route and stops, number of passengers.
  • Cancellation is for free if you cancel at least two hours before the start of the service if the departure point is in the Paris region.
  • If the departure point is out of France, the cancellation is for free if you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the service.

What types of vehicles can I book?

You can book a vehicle of any type, ex. for groups of up to 8 persons, we can arrange long-distance transfers by van:

- Sedan for 3 passengers,

- SW with big luggage trunk for 3 passengers,

- Van for up to 8 passengers,

- Tourist Coaches for 16 up to 50 passengers.




Free waiting in airports and train stations for long distance taxi and private transfers


One hour free waiting if pick-up at the airport or train station. In case of delay longer than one hour at passport control or baggage claim, simply call your driver and no surcharge will be applied.

Flat rate and fixed price for our long distance taxi and private transfers


You know an exact price based on your pick-up & drop-off locations. The price includes all taxes, road tolls, and parking charges. No hidden costs.

We offer three types of fares:

One way - our standard fare per km/mi.

Same day return - You will pay only one-way fare plus a waiting charge for every quarter of an hour, so your return trip is free.

Any other day return - multiply the one-way price by two. 

Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client


Your driver will meet you with a Greeting Sign with your name on it (or any inscription you'd like) in the airport or train station. He will also help you to handle the loading of your luggage.

Accepted payment methods for long distance taxi and private transfers, cash, paypal, credit card


All payment methods: Cash and Credit Card on the spot to your driver after the trip or PayPal and Credit Card online prepaymentBank transfer for travel agencies and other professionals of the travel business.



Volkswagen Passat CC


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Passat SW B8


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Volkswagen Caravelle Van


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Bus - Coach Sprinter for long distance transfers

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Max passengers and luggage for this car


How we calculate the total price of our long-distance taxis and transfers?

The main principle is this: the longer the distance, the lower the price per mile/kilometer. Our standard fare calculation is based on the Google Maps fastest route between your pick-up and drop-off points. How distance is calculated? In case of the one-way trip, the distance between the drop-off point and our base in central Paris is also included in the total distance. In case of the same-day return, you will pay only one-way fare plus a waiting charge, if the waiting time is more than 15 minutes.

You can see the exact all-inclusive price you will pay for sedan or van taxi-transfer in our price computing and booking form. If you want to know the price for a coach (bus) transfer please contact us by contact form.

1 kilometer = 0.6214 mile

1 mile = 1.609 kilometer

The minimum distance is 30 km / 19 mi. if less you will pay a fixed price.

We offer three types of fares:

One way - our standard fare per km/mi.

Same day return - You will pay only one-way fare plus a waiting charge for every quarter of an hour, so your return trip is free. This is the cheapest option if you're traveling to and from the same destination on the same day. Return drop-off address must be in the Paris region (100 km/ 62 mi. around Paris).

Any other day return - multiply the one-way price by two. 

Waiting fee charge:

If you need a waiting or a multi-stop taxi or transfer, for example, you go to one city or address where we wait for you and then continue to the next address or city, we will add a waiting charge to your fare. Our waiting charge is indicated per hour, but you will pay for every quarter of an hour that you consumed. Our waiting charges are as follows: sedan/SW: €40 per hour; van: €50 per hour. For coach/bus please do contact us. We do not charge for short stops not exceeding 15 minutes.


Distance range in miles

Sedan/SW price per mi.

Van price per mi.

1-19 mi.

Fixed price € 50

Fixed price € 80

20 - 31 mi.

€ 2.66

€ 2.74

32 - 62 mi.

€ 2.08

€ 2.16

63 - 75 mi.

€ 1.61

€ 1.69

76 - 186 mi.

€ 1.29

€ 1.37

187 - 1555 mi.

€ 1.13

€ 1.21


Distance range in kilometers

Sedan/SW price per km

Van price per km

1-30 km

Fixed price € 50

Fixed price € 80

31 - 50 km

€ 1.65

€ 1.70

51 - 100 km

€ 1.29

€ 1.34

101 - 120 km

€ 1

€ 1.05

121 - 300 km

€ 0.8

€ 0.85

301 - 2500 km

€ 0.7

€ 0.75


In the table below you will find prices for the most popular long-distance transfers to Brussels from Paris and other European cities.

Our prices are the same in both directions and remains the same day and night on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Travel time and price that you see in the table below are indicated from the city center to the city center, for this reason, the price you will see in the booking form may differ slightly up or down, depending on which part of the city the pick-up and drop-off points are located.

If pick up is out of the Paris region (25 miles or 40 kilometers around Paris), in some cases we can ask you for a  partial or full prepayment.

Select your country of departure in the table below to find out more about a particular destination.

If you don't see the needed departure or destination in this table, you can compute the price of the taxi-transfer between any cities in the European Union using our price compute and booking form or contact us by our contact form.

Flag of France

From France to Brussels

Flag of Switzerland

From Switzerland to Brussels

  • Paris - Brussels  ~ €463 [time 3hrs 30min]
  • Paris - Brussels South Charleroi Airport(CRL) ~ €455 [time 3hrs]
  • Paris - Zaventem Brussels-National Airport(BRU) ~ €480 [time 3hrs 20min]
  • Versailles - Brussels ~ €477 [time 3hrs 40min]
  • Disneyland Paris park & hotels - Brussels ~ €514 [time 3hrs 29min]
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) - Brussels ~ €474 [time 2hrs 59min]
  • Paris Orly Airport (ORY) - Brussels ~ €472 [time 3hrs 31min]
  • Paris Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA) - Brussels ~ €540 [time 3hrs]
  • Orléans - Brussels ~ €660 [time 4hrs 42min]
  • Bern - Brussels ~ €1,171 [time 6hrs 53min]
  • Lausanne - Brussels ~ €1,115 [time 7hrs 33min]
  • Montreux - Brussels ~ €1,208 [time 7hrs 42min]
  • Yverdon-les-Bains - Brussels ~ €1,105 [time 7hrs 18min]
  • Nyon - Brussels ~ €1,116 [time 7hrs 31min]
  • Geneva - Brussels ~ €1,173 [time 7hrs 50min]
  • Zürich - Brussels ~ €1,229 [time 6hrs 47min]

Flag of Spain

From Spain to Brussels

Flag of Italy

From Italy to Brussels

  • Madrid - Brussels ~ €2,371 [time 15hrs 25min]
  • Barcelona - Brussels ~ €2.026 [time 13hrs 22min]
  • Bilbao - Brussels ~ €1,845 [time 11hrs 58min]
  • Andorra la Vella - Brussels ~ €1,753 [time 12hrs]
  • Rome - Brussels ~ €2,421 [time 15hrs 12min]
  • Milan - Brussels ~ €1,564 [time 9hrs 41min]
  • Turin - Brussels ~ €1,585 [time 10hrs 33min]
  • Genoa - Brussels ~ €1,710 [time 11hrs]
  • Florence - Brussels ~ €2,018 [time 12hrs 34min]
  • San Marino - Brussels ~ €2,077 [time 12hrs 57min]
  • Parma - Brussels ~ €1,754 [time 10hrs 49min]
  • Bologna - Brussels ~ €1,884 [time 11hrs 42min]
  • Venice - Brussels ~ €1,954 [time 12hrs]
  • Rimini - Brussels ~ €2,057 [time 12hrs 42min]


Our long-distance taxi and private transfers can be also referred to as long-distance private car service or private driver long-distance service.

Whatever you want to call it, the main purpose of our long-distance individual transportation services is inter-city private transfers across France and inter-country private transfers across the European Union Schengen area.

We can offer the most competitive prices on the next destinations:

  • On trips between cities in France,
  • On trips from France to the neighboring countries: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and vice versa,
  • On trips to the other EU countries in both directions, if the departure or arrival point is situated in France.

Our destinations: you can book our long-distance taxi to travel  from any city in France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy to Brussels as well as in the opposite direction.

We will take you to/from virtually any point around Brussels:

  • Airports in France: Charles de Gaulle(CDG), Orly(ORY), Beauvais-Tillé(BVA), Le Bourget(LBG), Airport Lyon-Saint Exupéry(LYS), Airport Bordeaux-Mérignac(BOD)…
  • Airports around Brussels: Zaventem Airport or Brussels-National Airport(BRU), Brussels South Charleroi Airport(CRL).
  • Amusement parks around Brussels: Atomium, Walibi, Planckendael, Mini Europe.
  • Inland ports around Brussels: Port of Brussels.

Our professsional English-speaking drivers will meet you at any address in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain or Italy, at the airport, railway station, sea or river cruise or cargo port. We will give you all the information about your driver: his name, mobile phone number, picture.

Your driver can be your English-French interpreter. Not all French people speak English, and if you travel to Belgium the south part of the country that is called Wallonie including the region around Brussels is Francophone, if you need help with translation please indicate this in your order.

Stops and deviations from the route: free short stops for quick snacks and restrooms or charged deviations from the route and longer stops for sightseeing and visiting landmarks. You can stop only for few minutes to take a picture or for a longer time to visit the tourist attraction.

If you need a short stop just ask your driver, no need to specify it during the booking process, but if you need а longer stop you have to add it during the booking process (we have a special button in our booking form for doing this).

You can add several stops specifying a duration for each stop in the booking form, then at the end of the booking process, you will see the total price for a ride that includes stops charge.

We offer a range of vehicles of any type according to your needs: 3 seater sedans, SW with large baggage trunk, 8 seater vans and tourist coaches (buses).

Child seats and boosters are for free.

Three steps booking process is easy and clear. You will receive by email all information about your driver: name, phone number and his/her picture.

Our prices are clear and transparent: you know the price in advance and the price is fixed whatever is the itinerary, distance and duration of the trip. Our prices always include all taxes, road and parking tolls. We do not practice hidden costs or surcharge.

We guarantee you a fast and comfortable journey: our vehicles are equipped with modern GPS with live traffic information that helps us avoid traffic jams and to find the fastest route from one point to another.


Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed?

No, we will track your plane's progress when it is in the air and send your vehicle just in time.

If my flight/train delay is more than one hour?

We know that sometimes it could happen. If before your flight departure you see that the estimated arrival time of your flight is more than one hour, let us know as soon as possible, by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Depending on whether we have available cars: we can postpone, move the beginning of our services to the later time or just cancel them without any fine.

Extra charges and Tolls

Any taxes, bridge or road tolls, park tolls are included in the instant online quotes that you see on our website.

Cancellation Policy

If the transfer starts outside Paris region (62 miles around Paris) we will accept any cancellation without a fine if you make it at least 24 hours before the service. If the transfer starts inside Paris region we accept cancellation if you make it 2 hours before the start of the transfer. The fine is rated 100% in case of No-show. The cancellation must be made by e-mail or by phone if the transfer is about to start.

Can I book a transfer now and make changes or add a stop later?

You can ask for a change via email. If the service is to start in a short time you can do it by phone. You can make changes in your itinerary free of charge, but keep in mind that the recalculation of the itinerary (re-routing) may increase or decrease the distance and accordingly increase or decrease the price.

Car Type

If you book an Economy class car, we reserve the right of providing a similar or an upgraded car type if your chosen vehicle is unavailable.

When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a welcome e-mail containing your login and password on your first booking with us. At all, you will receive three e-mails.

- First: automatic e-mail confirming that our system recorded your booking.

- Second: e-mail from our manager, confirming that we accept your booking.

- Third: when the journey has been assigned to a driver, this e-mail will contain the phone number, name and picture of your driver.

What happens if I haven’t received confirmation and my service is to start in a short time?

First, check your spam folder, if a confirmation email is not there, please call +33 6 98 27 20 02 and we will deal with your booking as quickly as possible.


Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client

If pickup is at the airport or train station your driver will be waiting for you with a greeting sign.

At the airport: your driver will meet you in the arrival hall, just in front of the exit from the luggage claim area.

At the train station: your driver will be waiting for you at the head end of your train near the locomotive.

You will recognize your driver by a sign with your name. In the confirmation e-mail, we will let you know your driver's name and phone number, so you can contact your driver in case of any unforeseen circumstances like loss of luggage, etc. Anyway, your driver will wait for you one hour, since the arrival of your flight, if you linger for some reason, slow passport control or luggage claim, just call or send an SMS to your driver letting him know that you've arrived and waiting for baggage or going through passport control and no surcharge for additional waiting will not be applied. Your driver will then help you with your suitcases and escort you to your vehicle ready for your journey.


Long distance taxi booking form add stops

Deviations and stops for sightseeing on the way

Make the most of your travel time in Europe.
On the way from one city to another, you can visit places that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

Use our price computing and booking form to add and visualize stops on your itinerary. Or write to us by the contact form and we will calculate the itinerary for you.

You can add up to 8 stops. All added stops will be visualized on the map, as well as the total distance and total duration of your trip, taking into account the duration of the stops.

Three easy steps to add one stop:

1. click on the button "Add stops"

2. enter the address of your stop

3. specify the waiting time at stop


Gaasbeek Castle long distance taxi route stop from Paris to Brussels

#1 Gaasbeek Castle (Kasteel van Gaasbeek)

If you have booked our taxi to Brussels, once in Belgium you will follow the E19 expressway.
You will have the opportunity to see the Gaasbeek castle (13th century), which is about 12 kilometers (8 miles) away of your road and 20 km (12 miles) from Brussels. You can stop for 15 minutes to take photos or visit the castle.



Beersel Castle long distance taxi route stop from France to Brussels

#2 Beersel Castle (Kasteel van Beersel)

Another place to see during the long distance transfer from France to Brussels is situated about 700 meters from E19 expressway and 14 km (8 miles) from Brussels.

This medieval red brick castle of 15th century is surrounded by a moat. It is one of few well-preserved medieval castles in Belgium. It remains pretty much as it was in the 15th century, it has typical elements of medieval military fortifications such as a moat, a drawbridge, ramparts with parapet, and loop-holes, you will experience right away how one would have lived in a fortified castle at that time.