Our destinations Versailles, Loire Valley Castles, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, Bruges, Champagne

Hourly chauffeur with car hire, for long-distance trips across France, Belgium and Europe

We provide affordable chauffeur services for trips across France and Europe.

If you need to hire someone to drive you across the country in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg… you are at the right place!

With us, it will be a professional chauffeur speaking English, French, and other European languages.

Our cross country chauffeur hire service is currently available to book in Paris and any city in the Paris region, for hourly rides within the city, but also for long-distance trips across France and neighboring countries, for business travelers heading to meetings or for leisure visits of castles, museums, cathedrals, and other tourist attractions. With Aramis long-distance chauffeur-driven cars hire service, there are no restrictions on where you can travel in France and Europe. As long as you are picked up in one of the cities, airports, train stations, sea or river cruise ports, we can get to your destination safely and comfortably.



Sedan €60 per hour

Van €75 per hour (learn more about prices here)

What is included:

  • Unlimited mileage (learn more here)
  • All taxes and fees, road and parking tolls
  • No luggage surcharge: you can take all that will fit in the trunk
  • Booster seats and child seats are for free.



You hire a vehicle (sedan or van) with a chauffeur for a certain number of hours, for one day or several days trip. It can be a one-way or round trip. Your chauffeur drives you to one or several destinations and waits for you at stops. He can be your French-English interpreter, he can help you to buy museum tickets or book a restaurant… All of our drivers are licensed and trained to provide a high-quality service.



  • In Paris and its suburbs,
  • At the airports: Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Orly (ORY), Beauvais (BVA)...
  • In amusement parks & hotels: Disneyland Paris, Asterix...
  • At any place, city, or town of Paris region Ile-de-France (learn more here).

For pickup in other cities of France or Europe please contact us here.


Chauffeur with a car service for long distance trips across France, Belgium and other European countries

English speaking and licenced professional drivers of our company.


You can modify or cancel your sedan or van booking:

Modifications are for free: time or date of the pickup, addresses, route and stops, number of passengers.

If you change the pickup, drop-off address or itinerary, it may increase or decrease the distance and therefore the minimum hire duration, сheck here which zone is the farthest point on the route.

Cancellation is for free if you cancel at least two hours before the pickup time if the pickup address is in the Paris region (Zone 3).

If the pickup address is out of the Paris region (Zone 3), the cancellation is for free if you cancel at least 12 hours before the start of the service.

For coach (bus) bookings our rules are more strict: booking modifications must be approved by our managers, they may result in a price change. Cancellation is for free if you made it 7 days before the pickup time.



- Sedan for 3 passengers,

- SW with big luggage trunk for 3 passengers,

- Van for up to 8 passengers,

- Tourist Coaches for 16 up to 50 passengers.


First booking step

Select hire duration

the number of passengers, pickup date & time. Click on "See price" button.

Select a car

Select a car

see the price of available cars and select one.

Select a payment method

Select a payment...

cash or bank card to your driver, PayPal prepayment. Specify pickup, drop-off, and short itinerary description.

Booking confirmation email

Receive a confirmation

by email, with your driver's: name, phone number and picture.




Free waiting in airports and train stations for long distance taxi and private transfers


Each booking includes one hour of free waiting if pickup is at the airport and 15 minutes at the train station. In case of a delay longer than one hour at the airport passport control or baggage claim, free waiting can be extended, if the delay is due to reasons beyond your control and if you notify your driver by phone or text message.

All-inclusive price for our long distance chauffeur services


You know an exact total price based on the hire duration and price per hour. The price includes all taxes, road tolls, and parking charges. No hidden costs.

Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client


Your driver will meet you with a nameplate with your name on it (or any inscription you'd like) in the airport or train station. He will also help you to handle the loading of your luggage.

Accepted payment methods for long distance taxi and private transfers, cash, paypal, credit card


All payment methods: Cash and Credit Card on the spot to your driver after the trip or PayPal and Credit Card online prepaymentBank transfer for travel agencies and other professionals of the travel business.


To know the minimum hire duration that you can select during the booking process you need to find out in which zone is situated the farthest destination from Paris of your journey.

Zoom or search on the map the most distant city, town or address you would like to go to, and see on the label with Zone number the minimum hours applied to this Zone.

If you plan to visit several destinations, only the most distant destination must be considered to know the minimum duration of the hire.

If you selected the wrong duration for your hire, don't worry, we will help you to correct it later, when we receive your booking.

Why the minimum hire duration is important?
1. In order to offer you unlimited mileage, we apply the rule "take or pay", you have to take some minimum number of hours or at least pay for it. The price per hour is fixed, only the minimum hire duration varies depending on the distance from Paris.
We do not limit the distance and you can ride as far as you can during your hire time.

2. Our experience allows us to know the optimum duration of the trip for each destination. To have enough time to visit and to travel back and forth.
3. Let's consider this case:
You hired our chauffeured car for a ride from Paris to Bruges (180 miles) for a duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes. You know that this distance can be covered in 3 hours 30 minutes, so you will pay a total price of €40 * 3.5 hr = €140, but this amount does not cover our production cost. Only a toll road and fuel will cost us € 90, if we take into account the driver's working time the production cost will be much higher. That's why we apply a minimum hire duration of 14 hours for our chauffeured car service to Bruges and other destinations.



Volkswagen Passat CC


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Passat SW B8


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Volkswagen Caravelle Van


Max passengers and luggage for this car

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Bus - Coach Sprinter for long distance transfers

Free options

Booster and Child Seat Free Option For Long Distance Taxi Transfer


Max passengers and luggage for this car


How we calculate the total price of our hourly long-distance chauffeur services?

The total price of chauffeur hire is calculated like this: we multiply the price per hour by the number of hours of the hire. As our price is all-inclusive that is the total price that you will pay for your trip. The hire time includes the trip from pickup point to your destination(s) and back to the drop-off point, this is true in the standard case when pickup and drop-off are in Paris or its suburbs 16 miles (25 km) around (orange Zone 2). This Zone includes all Paris airports: CDG, Orly, Le Bourget, and many towns in suburbs.

You can see the exact all-inclusive price you will pay for hourly hiring of sedan or van chauffeur service in our instant quotation and booking form. If you want to know the coach (bus) hourly hire price please contact us by contact form.


The additional charge when the pickup or drop-off is far from Paris

Free pickup and drop-off inside orange Zone 2: no charge for pickup and drop-off in Paris and its suburbs (16 miles or 25 km around) and airports around Paris (CDG, Orly, Le Bourget), it's for free

 hourly hire chauffeur free pickup zone

Pickup charge outside orange Zone 2:  if the pickup is more than 16 miles (25 km) from Paris we can apply a fixed charge to the total price of hiring. For instance, if pickup is in Disneyland it's €70, in Beauvais airport (BVA) it's €80. The reason is that those places are far away from our base and we have to cover the cost of driving there. 

Drop-off charge outside orange Zone 2: if the drop-off is outside of 16 miles (25 km) orange Zone 2 around Paris, no charge will be applied if the time needed to return the car to our base in Paris center is included in the hire time, otherwise, the time needed to return to Paris will be charged at the normal rate, this time will be calculated by the car GPS.

See on the map here if your pickup or drop-off address is within orange Zone 2.

If you have any doubts or questions about this, please contact us via the contact form.




Pick-up charge

Drop-off charge

Sedan/SW price per hour

Van price per hour

Paris & suburbs (16 miles/25km around Paris)



€ 60

€ 75

CDG and Orly Airports



€ 60

€ 75

Disneyland Paris hotels and park

€ 70

€ 70

€ 60

€ 75

Beauvais (BVA) Airport

€ 80

€ 80

€ 60

€ 75

Zone 3 and beyond

locate Zone 3 on the map

Zone 3 and beyond

Contact us

Zone 3 and beyond

Contact us

€ 60

€ 75





Max passengers and luggage in hired car


Max passengers and luggage in hired car

Versailles Palace (Zone 2)

4 hours

€ 240

€ 300

Fontainebleau Palace (Zone 3)

5 hours

€ 300

€ 375

Champagne region (Zone 5)

10 hours

€ 600

€ 750

Normandy region (Zone 5)

10 hours

€ 600

€ 750

The Loire Valley Castles (Zone 6)

12 hours

€ 720

€ 900

The Mont-Saint-Michel (Zone 7)

14 hours

€ 840

€ 1050

Bruges in Belgium (Zone 7)

14 hours

€ 840

€ 1050


Long distance taxi driver with greeting sign waiting for a client

If pickup is at the airport or train station your driver will be waiting for you with a nameplate.

At the airport: your driver will meet you in the arrival hall, just in front of the exit from the luggage claim area.

At the train station: your driver will be waiting for you at the head end of your train near the locomotive.

You will recognize your driver by a plate with your name. In the confirmation e-mail, we will let you know your driver's name and phone number, so you can contact your driver in case of any unforeseen circumstances like loss of luggage, etc. Anyway, your driver will wait for you one hour, since the arrival of your flight, if you linger for some reason, slow passport control or luggage claim, just call or send an SMS to your driver letting him know that you've arrived and waiting for baggage or going through passport control and no surcharge for additional waiting will not be applied. Your driver will then help you with your suitcases and escort you to your vehicle ready for your journey.


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#1 D-Day Beaches and Normandy landings

On June 6, 1944, started allied operation of invasion and liberation of France that was occupied by German nazis at this time. These were two associated operations, one seaborne invasion and landing on the Normandy Coast and the second paratroopers airborne operation. Landing operation has been operated on five Normandy beaches, each of them had its code name: Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach, you can locate them on our map here.
The closest Sword Beach is 155 miles (250 km) and 3 hours from Paris, the farthest Utah Beach is 200 miles (322 km) and 3hr 40min from Paris. You can book our long-distance hourly chauffeur service and visit all five D-Day Beaches as well as military museums and memorials, like Normandy American Cemetery, situated near Omaha Beach. You will need about 12 hours (driving time from and back to Paris included) to visit all these historical places.

Below you can see photos that we made during one of our visits:

#2 Bruges in Belgium

Belgium is famous for its waffles, chocolate, beer, embroidery, fries and medieval architecture. All this you will see and taste on your trip to Bruges. You will need about 14 hours with our chauffeur (driving time from and back to Paris included) to visit Bruges. Distance to Bruges is 180 miles (290 km) one way trip is about 3 hours 30 minutes.

Below you can see photos that we made during one of our visits:

#3 The Mont-Saint-Michel

The abbey of Mont Saint Michel is located in Normandy, 220 miles (360 km) from Paris. One way trip takes 4 hours and 20 minutes. We recommend hiring our chauffeur with a car to visit Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey for 14 hours duration.


How is calculated the total price of the ride?

Our price calculation logic is simple, the price per hour always remains unchanged, only the minimum hire duration changes. The farther we drive from the Paris center, the longer the minimum duration will be.
For instance, in Paris the minimum duration is three hours, in the Paris region (25 miles or 40 kilometers around Paris) the minimum duration is four hours.
If we drive to the Loire Valley Castles the minimum duration is 12 hours,
to Champagne and Normandy regions, the minimum duration is 10 hours, and so on, the price per hour remains the same, only the minimum duration changes. Check our minimum hire duration rules here.

What if I just need to go from point A to point B?

In this case, you need a one-way or return intercity taxi or private transfer, for this, you better visit our long-distance taxi & private transfers page: https://aramis-paris.com/en/long-distance-taxi-transfers

If my trip will last longer than expected?

  1. Our driver will inform you at what time you should start to move back to the drop-off point to be in time and to avoid to pay the extra. We have the GPS with live traffic information, so the return trip will include also the traffic if any. If you listen to your driver and start to move back at the time he advises there will no be extra to pay even in case of delay, if not you will pay extra as described below. 
  2. If you would like to extend the duration. Usually, if our driver's planning allows it, it is possible to extend the duration of the service. You will be charged per quarter of an hour. For instance, if the price per hour is 50€, you will be charged 50€/4=12.5€ per quarter of an hour. So if your trip is 15 minutes longer than expected you will pay €12.5 extra, if 30 minutes longer you will pay €25 and so on.

When the time count of service duration starts and stops? Waiting time rules.

If pick-up is in the city, the countdown of the duration of the service begins when the car arrives at the specified address on time. If the car is late time count starts at the moment of meeting with your driver. Waiting time, luggage loading and unloading time are included in the service duration. Duration time count stops when you leave the car at the arrival point and your luggage is unloaded.

If you arrive by airplane or by train, two scenarios are possible:

1. If in your booking form you indicated the flight/train arrival time:

At the airport, your driver will wait for you one hour from the moment of the flight arrival and the service duration countdown will start at the moment of meeting with your driver. At the train station, your driver will wait for you 15 minutes from the moment of the train arrival and the service duration countdown will start at the moment of meeting with your driver. In these particular cases, the waiting time is for free and is not included in the service duration.

2. If in your booking form you indicated a Pick-up time at the airport or train station:

If the time indicated in the booking form is different from the time of flight/train arrival we presume that you indicated the pick-up time. Your driver will expect to meet you on time that you indicated in your booking, this is the time of the service beginning. If your driver is late, the countdown starts at the moment of meeting with you. You will pay only for the time that you consumed. Your driver will let you know, on your mobile phone of his delay. If you are late, the waiting time will be subtracted from the service duration, and your driver will wait for you only if you let him know about your delay and that you have arrived safely. That's why it is important to provide us your valid mobile phone number with the country code and turn on your phone as soon as you landed in France.

Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed?

No, we will track your plane's progress when it is in the air and send your vehicle just in time.

If my flight/train delay is more than one hour?

We know that sometimes it could happen. If before your flight departure you see that the estimated arrival time of your flight is more than one hour, let us know as soon as possible, by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Depending on whether we have available cars or not: we can postpone, move the beginning of your services to the later time or just cancel the service without any fine.

Extra charges and Tolls

Any taxes, bridge or road tolls, park tolls are included in the instant online quotes that you see on our website. Except for the UK (Great Britain), for transfers between the UK and continental Europe, the price of Euro-tunnel is not included in our online instant quote. For transfers between the UK and continental Europe, you have to make your booking at least 48 hours before the pick-up time.

What is the difference: Car with Driver Service VS Long-distance Private Taxi-Transfer?

The difference is what you pay for.
  • Car with Driver service is a service when you hire a car with a driver and pay on a per hour basis for the time this car is at your disposal for riding and for waiting for you at stops.
    During the booking process: you indicate the furthest point where you want to go and approximative addresses of stops.
    You don't have to specify the duration of each stop, you can add or remove stops during the trip.
    You can modify the minimum hire duration if you modify the furthest point of the trip: closer will decrease, further will increase it.
  • In the case of private transfers and taxi services, you pay a fixed price for the ride for a certain distance between point A and point B on per mile/kilometer basis. If the short stops for restrooms and quick snacks are for free, the longer stops for sightseeing or visits are charged separately.

If you need a long-distance private transfer from point A to point B, you can book it on our web page about long-distance transfers or if you need a standard private Airport Transfer you can book it in our booking form: https://aramis-paris.com/en/booking-form
If you need a Car with Driver service for a destination not mentioned in the table with fixed prices and for distances longer than 50 miles around Paris, please ask for a quote here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I cancel by booking?

If pickup is outside Paris region (25 miles / 40 km around Paris) we will accept any cancellation without a fine if you make it at least 24 hours before the service. If pickup is inside Paris region we accept cancellation if you make it 2 hours before the start of the service. The fine is rated 100% in case of a No-show. The cancellation must be made by e-mail or by phone if the service is about to start.

Can I modify or change my booking?

Modifications are for free: time or date of the pick-up, addresses, route and stops, number of passengers. If you change the farthest destination of your trip, it may increase or decrease the distance from Paris and therefore the minimum hire duration. Any booking change must be made by email or by phone if the service is about to start. Changes during the trip with your driver may be accepted if driver's planning allows it.

Car Type

If you book an Economy class car, we reserve the right of providing a similar or an upgraded car type if your chosen vehicle is unavailable.

When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a welcome email containing your login and password on your first booking with us. At all, you will receive three emails.

- First: automatic email confirming that our system received your booking.

- Second: email from our manager, confirming that we accept your booking.

- Third: when the journey has been assigned to a driver, this email will contain the phone number, name and picture of your driver.

What happens if I haven’t received confirmation and my service is to start in a short time?

First of all, check your spam folder, if a confirmation e-mail is not there, please call +33 6 98 27 20 02 and we will deal with your booking as quickly as possible.

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