Unlimited mileage, All-inclusive fixed rates:

€60/hour Sedan 3 passengers, €75/hour Van 8 passengers

** Our chauffeurs speak English

** No luggage surcharge: you can take all that will fit in the trunk

** 60 minutes free waiting in airport, free cancellation up to 2 hours before pickup time

** Pick-up at:

- Paris and suburbs 16 miles around (free),
- Airports: CDG, Orly (free)
- Beauvais airport (additional charge €80)
- Disneyland park&hotels (additional charge €70)


  • Specify duration

    Select duration, number of seats, date and time of pick-up for your car with driver service in Paris

    Select hire duration: check our minimum hire duration rules here

  • Select your car

    Pick your car for your chauffeured car service

    See the price of available cars and select one. 3-seater Sedan or 8-seater Van

  • Select a payment...

    Pick your payment method

    Payment methods: Bank card or Cash to your driver, PayPal prepayment

  • Hire a car or van in Paris to visit its monuments

    Private Tours and Sightseeing

    Visit any Paris monuments or take a one-day-trip to visit France in your way, you are free to choose your itinerary and stops duration (Loire castles, Mont-Saint-Michel, Fontainebleau, Versailles, etc.)

  • Hire a car in Paris for your corporate trips in Paris and region

    Business trips

    If you need to go to one or several places and you don't know how long it will take, we offer you reliable transport to/from the airport, to a business meeting or an exhibition and you can extend the hire time.

  • Hire a car in Paris to visit Concerts or Sporting events

    Concert or Sporting event

    Whether you want to see a Play or a Concert at the Parc des Princes, Stade de France or Roland Garros we provide you reliable transport services to be freed from traffic-jam and parking issues.

  • 1
  • VW Passat SW

    Volkswagen Passat SW

    €60/hrMax passengers and luggage for this car

  • Volvo S40

    Volvo S40 1.6

    €60/hrMax passengers and luggage for this car

  • Volkswagen CC

    Volkswagen Passat CC

    €60/hrMax passengers and luggage for this car

  • VW Caravelle

    Volkswagen Caravelle

    €75/hrMax passengers and luggage for this vehicle

  • 1


How is calculated the total price of the ride?

Our price calculation logic is simple, the price per hour always remains unchanged, only the minimum hire duration changes. The farther we drive from the Paris center, the longer the minimum duration will be.
For instance, in Paris the minimum duration is three hours, in the Paris region (25 miles or 40 kilometers around Paris) the minimum duration is four hours.
If we drive to the Loire Valley Castles the minimum duration is 12 hours,
to Champagne and Normandy regions, the minimum duration is 10 hours, and so on, the price per hour remains the same, only the minimum duration changes. Check our minimum hire duration rules here.

What if I just need to go from point A to point B?

In this case, you need a one-way or return intercity taxi or private transfer, for this, you better visit our long-distance taxi & private transfers page: https://aramis-paris.com/en/long-distance-taxi-transfers

If my trip will last longer than expected?

  1. Our driver will inform you at what time you should start to move back to the drop-off point to be in time and to avoid to pay the extra. We have the GPS with live traffic information, so the return trip will include also the traffic if any. If you listen to your driver and start to move back at the time he advises there will no be extra to pay even in case of delay, if not you will pay extra as described below. 
  2. If you would like to extend the duration. Usually, if our driver's planning allows it, it is possible to extend the duration of the service. You will be charged per quarter of an hour. For instance, if the price per hour is 50€, you will be charged 50€/4=12.5€ per quarter of an hour. So if your trip is 15 minutes longer than expected you will pay €12.5 extra, if 30 minutes longer you will pay €25 and so on.

When the time count of service duration starts and stops? Waiting time rules.

If pick-up is in the city, the countdown of the duration of the service begins when the car arrives at the specified address on time. If the car is late time count starts at the moment of meeting with your driver. Waiting time, luggage loading and unloading time are included in the service duration. Duration time count stops when you leave the car at the arrival point and your luggage is unloaded.

If you arrive by airplane or by train, two scenarios are possible:

1. If in your booking form you indicated the flight/train arrival time:

At the airport, your driver will wait for you one hour from the moment of the flight arrival and the service duration countdown will start at the moment of meeting with your driver. At the train station, your driver will wait for you 15 minutes from the moment of the train arrival and the service duration countdown will start at the moment of meeting with your driver. In these particular cases, the waiting time is for free and is not included in the service duration.

2. If in your booking form you indicated a Pick-up time at the airport or train station:

If the time indicated in the booking form is different from the time of flight/train arrival we presume that you indicated the pick-up time. Your driver will expect to meet you on time that you indicated in your booking, this is the time of the service beginning. If your driver is late, the countdown starts at the moment of meeting with you. You will pay only for the time that you consumed. Your driver will let you know, on your mobile phone of his delay. If you are late, the waiting time will be subtracted from the service duration, and your driver will wait for you only if you let him know about your delay and that you have arrived safely. That's why it is important to provide us your valid mobile phone number with the country code and turn on your phone as soon as you landed in France.

Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed?

No, we will track your plane's progress when it is in the air and send your vehicle just in time.

If my flight/train delay is more than one hour?

We know that sometimes it could happen. If before your flight departure you see that the estimated arrival time of your flight is more than one hour, let us know as soon as possible, by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Depending on whether we have available cars or not: we can postpone, move the beginning of your services to the later time or just cancel the service without any fine.

Extra charges and Tolls

Any taxes, bridge or road tolls, park tolls are included in the instant online quotes that you see on our website. Except for the UK (Great Britain), for transfers between the UK and continental Europe, the price of Euro-tunnel is not included in our online instant quote. For transfers between the UK and continental Europe, you have to make your booking at least 48 hours before the pick-up time.

What is the difference: Car with Driver Service VS Long-distance Private Taxi-Transfer?

The difference is what you pay for.
  • Car with Driver service is a service when you hire a car with a driver and pay on a per hour basis for the time this car is at your disposal for riding and for waiting for you at stops.
    During the booking process: you indicate the furthest point where you want to go and approximative addresses of stops.
    You don't have to specify the duration of each stop, you can add or remove stops during the trip.
    You can modify the minimum hire duration if you modify the furthest point of the trip: closer will decrease, further will increase it.
  • In the case of private transfers and taxi services, you pay a fixed price for the ride for a certain distance between point A and point B on per mile/kilometer basis. If the short stops for restrooms and quick snacks are for free, the longer stops for sightseeing or visits are charged separately.

If you need a long-distance private transfer from point A to point B, you can book it on our web page about long-distance transfers or if you need a standard private Airport Transfer you can book it in our booking form: https://aramis-paris.com/en/booking-form
If you need a Car with Driver service for a destination not mentioned in the table with fixed prices and for distances longer than 50 miles around Paris, please ask for a quote here or email us at contact@aramis-paris.com.

Can I cancel by booking?

If pickup is outside Paris region (25 miles / 40 km around Paris) we will accept any cancellation without a fine if you make it at least 24 hours before the service. If pickup is inside Paris region we accept cancellation if you make it 2 hours before the start of the service. The fine is rated 100% in case of a No-show. The cancellation must be made by e-mail or by phone if the service is about to start.

Can I modify or change my booking?

Modifications are for free: time or date of the pick-up, addresses, route and stops, number of passengers. If you change the farthest destination of your trip, it may increase or decrease the distance from Paris and therefore the minimum hire duration. Any booking change must be made by email or by phone if the service is about to start. Changes during the trip with your driver may be accepted if driver's planning allows it.

Car Type

If you book an Economy class car, we reserve the right of providing a similar or an upgraded car type if your chosen vehicle is unavailable.

When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a welcome email containing your login and password on your first booking with us. At all, you will receive three emails.

- First: automatic email confirming that our system received your booking.

- Second: email from our manager, confirming that we accept your booking.

- Third: when the journey has been assigned to a driver, this email will contain the phone number, name and picture of your driver.

What happens if I haven’t received confirmation and my service is to start in a short time?

First of all, check your spam folder, if a confirmation e-mail is not there, please call +33 6 98 27 20 02 and we will deal with your booking as quickly as possible.

Hourly hire Car & Driver rates per hour

Departure points with private chauffeur in Paris   Volvo S40 with private chauffeur in Paris Volkswagen Passat SW for personal chauffeur service in Paris Volkswagen Passat CC for private chauffeur service in Paris Volkswagen caravelle with private chauffeur in Paris


Duration Sedan
Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Max passengers and luggage
Max passengers and luggage
Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Paris  1 hour  € 60  € 60  € 60  € 75
Disneyland hotels/park  1 hour  € 60  € 60  € 60  € 75
CDG/Orly Airports  1 hour  € 60  € 60  € 60  € 75

Fixed prices for the most popular destinations

Best destinations with private chauffeur in Paris   Volvo S40  for car with driver service in Paris Volkswagen Passat SW for car with driver service in Paris Volkswagen Passat CC for car with driver service in Paris Volkswagen caravelle with private chauffeur in Paris


Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Max passengers and luggage in hired car
Versailles Palace  4 hours  € 240  € 240  € 240  € 300
Fontainebleau Palace  5 hours  € 300  € 300  € 300  € 375
Champagne region  10 hours  € 600  € 600  € 600  € 750
Normandy region  10 hours  € 600  € 600  € 600  € 750
The Loire Valley Castles  12 hours  € 720  € 720  € 720  € 900
The Mont-Saint-Michel abbey  14 hours  € 840  € 840  € 840  € 1050



Our service coverage for car with driver service in ParisOur area of operation covers all of France and the neighboring countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. You are free to adapt the itinerary (route) and stops as you wish.
We can offer the most competitive prices if pick-up is in 50 miles zone (80 kilometers) around Paris (red zone on the map). This zone includes all Paris airports (CDG, Orly, Beauvais), Disneyland park, and many cities and towns of the suburbs around Paris.
The price per hour that you pay is always fixed. Only the minimum hire duration changes according to the simple rule: the further we travel from Paris, the longer the minimum hire duration.
For instance, if pick-up is in Paris or airports around Paris: Orly or Charles-de-Gaulle and you plan to ride in Paris the minimum hire duration is 3 hours.
If you plan to ride in Paris region (25 miles around Paris) the minimum hire duration is 4 hours.
If you plan to visit the Champagne region minimum hire duration is 10 hours and so on. If pick-up is in Disneyland park and hotels or Beauvais airport please contact us by a contact form and we will offer you a good price.


The Loire Valley Castles

Blois Castle Chambord Castle Chaumont Castle Chenonceau Castle

The Loire is the longest river in France, with 1012 kilometers in length. There are many castles of the Middle Ages and The Renaissance era on the whole length of The Loire river. The most famous royal castles are Chambord Castle built by French King Francis I, Chenonceau Castle which belonged to Catherine of Medicis, and Amboise Castle. The distance between Paris and the Chambord Castle is about 110 miles (180 kilometers), in order to visit all of the three most famous castles you will need approximately 12 hours. We offer the services of a private chauffeur with a car from Paris to The Loire Valley Castles and back. This offer includes a 12-hours-ride with our car and driver, that will be of good help for visiting three castles, a wine cellar to taste the best wines of The Loire Valley and have some time for lunch.

Normandy and its picturesque towns: Etretat, Deauville-Trouville, Honfleur

Deauville Beach Normandy At Sunset Etretat Falaise Etretat Rocky Cliff Honfleur Port In The Evening

The resort town of Etretat is famous first of all for its high cliffs stretching into the sea and its rocks aroused under the influence of erosion and sea waves forming strange shapes and arches. The town is located on a limestone bank of the Normandy coast, 210 kilometers from Paris. Etretat is the best place for a relaxing and romantic jaunt. The noise of the breaking waves, walk on the paths along the edge of the cliffs, the incredible beauty of its rocks and sea, restaurants with the freshest seafood, Norman cheeses and cider, all this will make your holiday unforgettable. We offer hourly hire car with driver services from Paris to the Normandy region. This offer includes all transport charges and a 10-hours-hire that is enough to visit three towns on the Normand coast: Etretat, Deauville, Trouville and have some time for lunch.

Amusement Park Futuroscope

Futoroscope Poitiers Kinemax Futuroscope Lapins Cretins Futuroscope Large View Futuroscope Poitiers Organ

Futuroscope, the city of the future, many of the rides in the park are based on audio-visual effects and the latest nanotechnology. Attractions are designed in such a way to be interesting for both children and adults. For those who want to spend in the park more than one day, there are many hotels around the park. The park is located in the southwest of France, it is located 210 miles (340 kilometers) from Paris. The ride from Paris to Futuroscope takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes.


The Champagne region

Champagne Cellars Visit Dom Perignon Grave In Hautvillers Village Church Moet And Chandon Champagne Cellars Reims Gothic Cathedral

Reims, the capital of Champagne, a city of about 190,000 inhabitants, is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region. First of all, the city is known for its Gothic cathedral where many French kings were crowned. The main base for the economic well-being of the city is the production of sparkling wine, using technology that was developed centuries ago in this region. Another amazing city of the region is Epernay, known for its avenue of Champagne, the street where all famous champagne producers are located. Reims is located east of Paris, at a distance of 95 miles (150 kilometers), the ride to Reims takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you hire our car with our driver for a 10-hours-ride, that will be enough to visit:
- The city of Reims, the capital of the Champagne Region,
- The village of Hautvillers and its small cathedral where the tomb of the inventor of champagne Dom Pérignon is located,
- Epernay city, to have a guided tour of champagne cellars where you can taste the best Champagne wines and have a time for lunch (guided tour is not included and has to be booked separately).

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